What Are Some Opportunities that you should avoid?


There are those home businesses that are scams you have to be wary of this also. These scammers appear to be harmless, but the truth is they are dangerous because they can use your information to some more dangerous situations.


May I ask you did you bet on lottery online or have you won lottery online? Maybe you have won lottery online without even placing a bet, especially that UK lottery where they claim to have drawn your email in electronic lottery. This is basically true when you try to respond to one of their email and from time to time you will receive email stating that you won lottery sweepstakes.

Believe me those bulk emails that comes into your in box are scams and you should not respond to them. If you respond the first thing that they will do is to get vital information from you and then your account and if they cannot they will ask you to deposit money which they say for charges.

The moment you entertain their mails, the more that they will pressure you to send the money so that they can process the transaction, which according to them is the winning prize. Do not believe on them. I was one their victim, after sending the money, which they say are charges, then they never gets back to me and there is no way where I can get the money back because they never responded to my mail and this could also happen to you once you entertain them.

And there is also one thing, if you try to send them the amount, they require you again to send another as payment for other charges and you could lose big amount of money if you listen to them and before you realize it they are gone.

Once you realize it, your money is gone and there is no way where you can recover your money. Because the truth is the company never existed and the person who contacted you is a swindler and you have been scammed.


The Money Transfer

Another scam that you will receive in your in box, is you will be required to dispose billing information such as address because they will send you millions of dollars, but to be able to process the transaction, you have to shoulder demurral charges or interest from Banks or they will ask someone who claims to be a representative.

Or it could be that a large sum of money was found dormant from a Bank and that they need a foreign partner in order to transfer the amount and your only participation is that, you will pay the attorney and other legal charges they claim and the money will be transferred to your account. There are two things involved here, if they are true (which is very impossible), you will have entered into an illegal transaction and you could be put to jail when auditing comes, or this act is very immoral for a professional to enter into this kind of transaction.

They will ask you to wire transfer the money, which they are claiming to be charges incurred during the process or they will ask you to send them via western union. They will provide you with complete transaction on where will you send the money and whose name will be written if ever you send the money. And do you know what’s annoying with them? They will pressure you to send the money as soon as possible like there is no tomorrow.

If you entertain them and agree to pay the amount, then things will soon change into something complicated. You then will be persuaded to transfer the money into their hand waiting for that promise of millions that will never happen. This will appear like an answer to all your financial needs that you have been praying all your life. The bad thing is you will not know it is fraud until you have completed the transaction.

When you see an initial amount on your account, it feels like really genuine. Then you begin to initiate sending the money to that unknown contact, but after a week the checked that was deposited to your account was faked and you mess everything because you are get charged of the bounce check liability. As a result, the bank will be chasing you because of the big amount of liability when you deposited a bounce check and you are in a total chaos.

Per banks and lending policy all losses (bounce check is considered as losses), is a responsibility of the account holder. Any issue regarding financial discrepancy will be taken against you. The bank will not sympathized on what have happened to you, they care about their business and they do not care about your ignorance. And the nightmare falls back if you cannot pay the charges, chances are the bank will file a criminal case against you.

Without realizing it, you were into a money laundering act and the penalty is quite grave. You were fooled into giving cash, but the most awful situation is that, you can never do anything about it.


The Multilevel’ Marketing System

This kind of marketing system is considered as scam and if ever you say they aren’t scam, the chance of becoming a scam is so high. The multi marketing or commonly known as MLM is a kind of home base business with a concept of pyramiding scheme.

Basically, you become a member or affiliated service or a product by using it to convince people that the product is good and genuine. While you are using the product, you will also recommend it to your family and friends and then they will be required to join or become affiliate to be able to use the product. The person who makes MLM will make large amount of money and so those first 5 affiliates but below that, boy! You are only making those people rich and you leaving behind and broke.

Before you finalize your decision to join this kind of affiliation, first are you have to investigate and see who is behind that marketing system. To have a specific research, just type the company name and the word scam for example ‘speed mobile scam’ then it will bring you into more sites that tackles about members or affiliate of the company. From there you will know if the site is genuine or scam.

There you will also find out if the company has another online business. If it does then you know now and do not entertain any email from any companies related to the owner of that scam site. You can also find criminal charges that the company or the owner might be involved with.

Most of these multi level marketing do not carry a specific product or services that are valuable. You have to think wisely before finalizing your thought of joining a MLM. You have to research the business name and gather much information so that you can decide wisely.

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